29 April, 2010

KL Graded Bowlers opens the curtains to the 4th Leg of the 2010 Sportexcel Junior Circuit

Kuala Lumpur Bowlers

Kuala Lumpur, Thursday - The action resumes at Megalanes Endah Parade after a thrilling week at MIBC, Melaka where the MSSM Bowling Championships were held. One would have thought that there will be a decline in the number of participants but how wrong could we be when more than 400 bowlers registered for the Kuala Lumpur Leg of the National Junior Bowling Circuit.

The oiling distance for this leg is 36 feet with the oiling pattern like a “top hat”, where as in Melaka it was 40 feet and more of a cone shaped oiling pattern. This 36 feet pattern allows the bowlers to play various lines from the outside to deep inside and if they swing the ball out it will bounce back to hit the pocket.

The demand on this type of oiling pattern will then be on the physical game and ball selection. With the Kuala Lumpur Leg being the 4th leg of the circuit, the bowlers and coaches should have adequate knowledge on where to play and selecting the right ball. Besides this, they will also need to have the right surface preparation for the ball to match up to the oiling patterns.

With more than 400 bowlers registered for the event, it will be a real test for the organizers as well as the bowlers as Megalanes have only 30 lanes compared to MIBC which have 52 lanes. In the Boys and Girls open category, there are 59 and 28 participants respectively, 168 bowlers in the Boys Graded and 132 bowlers in the Girls Graded. There are a total of 82 Under 12 bowlers for the event.

In the girls graded division, Norsyamimi Syarfa binti Muhd Rusdi took the top spot in squad A with a total of 1434 pinfalls to average 179 with Siti Nurzulaika binti Ismail in second place with a total of 1421 pinfalls. Diyana Nadhira binti Mohd. Mokhzan scoring 1349 pinfalls is in third.


21 April, 2010


24 APRIL 2010 (SABTU)
8.00pg – 11.00pg
U12, U15 DAN U18.

12.00tgh – 3.00ptg
U12, U15 DAN U18.

4.00ptg – 7.00mlm
U12, U15 DAN U18.

8.00mlm – 11.00mlm
U12, U15 DAN U18.

25 APRIL 2010 (AHAD)
8.00pg – 11.00pg
U12, U15 DAN U18.

12.00tgh – 3.00ptg
U12, U15 DAN U18.

4.00ptg – 7.00mlm
U12, U15 DAN U18.

8.00mlm – 11.00mlm
U12, U15 DAN U18.

26 APRIL 2010 (ISNIN)
8.00pg – 11.30pg

8.00pg – 11.30pg
U15 DAN U18

12.30ptg – 6.00ptg
U15 DAN U18.

6.00ptg – 8.00mlm
U12, U15 DAN U18.

27 APRIL 2010 (SELASA)
8.00pg – 11.00pg
U12, U15 DAN U18.

12.00tgh – 3.00ptg
U12, U15 DAN U18.


Length: 35'
A cheetah may look harmless, but this speedster has a dangerous side. So does this pattern - with a fast scoring pace and play near the gutter, there's no room for error.
The 2009-10 Cheetah “sprints” back to its roots as the highest scoring of the five named patterns. Originally designed for use on worn lane surfaces, the Cheetah produced the most memorable moments on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour because of its propensity for rewarding players who “live on the edge”. The new design once again places a premium on the ball traveling towards the gutter in order to maximize the best possible angle to carry all ten pins. The scoring pace on Cheetah is normally high with the champion being required to know that success means striking and not just hitting the pocket.

Length: 37'
A viper strikes with multiple angles of attack. This pattern will challenge players to attack the pins from multiple angles in order to score well.
The 2009-10 Viper has also been changed to allow for more ball roll in the middle part of the lane. While the Viper is a multiple angles pattern and normally yields medium to high scores, bowlers this season will need to place a premium on the ball traveling straight through the front part of the lane when the lanes are “fresh”. Once Viper breaks down, multiple angles are available for attack. Even with the changes, Viper still remains the most versatile of the five named patterns and can be used on any lane surface. The champion on Viper will be the bowler who can outsmart their opponent playing multiple lines.

Length: 39'
Chameleons change color to outsmart their enemies. To excel on this pattern, bowlers must be versatile in many styles of play.
The 2009-10 Chameleon maintains its tradition of utilizing a “retro” approach to pattern design. Instead of “smoothing out” the oil on the lane, increased volumes are placed in “zones” encouraging players to choose a specific area of the lane to play. This is a multiple-angles pattern allowing the bowler to choose what part of the lane best suites their particular game. The scoring pace remains medium to low as the primary challenge faced by bowlers is the large number of adjustments which are needed to move from “zone to zone”. Large moves, more than five boards at a time, are common to stay out of trouble and to conquer the Chameleon.

Length: 41'
A scorpion is dangerous and unpredictable, like this pattern. If you can't find the right groove on the lanes, you'll be stung!
The 2009-10 Scorpion returns to being one of the more challenging of the five named patterns. While Scorpion is not the longest pattern, because of the large volume of oil on the lane it will for sure play as the “slickest”. The pattern shape is very “smooth” and allows for a multiple-angles approach to attacking it based on rev rate, lane surface, ball surface, and ball speed. Since the volume of oil is so large, bowlers will normally see a large difference in how the pattern plays from lane to lane across the house. The pattern is medium scoring based on its ability to confuse bowlers during early portions of the game or series as they move throughout the tournament. In order to avoid being stung, it is imperative that the bowler make quality shots early in the game in case the Scorpion decides to “mutate”.

Length: 43'
This pattern forces bowlers to play deep inside the center of the lanes, like sharks that troll the depths of the ocean.
The 2009-10 Shark demonstrates the largest change from any of the patterns from last year. Returning to the Shark this season is the key characteristic of the “deep inside line” providing a decisive strategic advantage. The “out of bounds” on the outside portion of the lane has been increased, making errant shots wide of the target in danger of once again falling into the “moat”. With less oil being placed in the middle of lane on this season’s Shark, bowlers will see their ball roll earlier on the lane compared to years past. Bowlers who play the wrong angle on the Shark will feel as if the pattern is a “reverse block”. The scoring pace for this pattern will be medium with the champion having the ability to get the corner pins out while playing a tough angle.

19 April, 2010


Sukan boling berasal daripada permainan "skittle" yang sangat popular di negara-negara Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat. Kini pemain-pemain dari Asia Tenggara telah maju dalam permainan ini dan ramai juga yang telah bergelar juara dunia. Di Sukan Asia tahun 2006, emas Malaysia banyak disumbang oleh pasukan tenpin bolingnya.

Boling merupakan salah satu olahraga dengan penyertaan terbanyak daripada pelbagai usia. Tidak mengenal batasan umur, siapa saja boleh bermain sama ada kanak-kanak, remaja, orang dewasa bahkan mereka yang telah lanjut usia. Tidak hairanlah jika sukan boling merupakan olahraga yang paling digemari di hampir setiap negara di dunia. Kini dianggarkan terdapat kira-kira lebih daripada 100 juta orang di dunia yang minat dan gemar bermain boling.

Boling sepuluh pin atau “ten-pin bowling” adalah sejenis sukan kompetitif dan riadah di mana seorang pemain diperlukan untuk menggolek bola di atas lorong (lane) dengan tujuan untuk memperoleh mata secara menjatuhkan sebanyak pin yang boleh. Lorong permainan ini disebut sebagai “bowling lane” yang diperbuat daripada papan kayu dan disapu dengan sejenis minyak (was) atau sintetik (polyurethane) agar licin. 

Lorong boling pula berukuran 42 inci (105 cm) lebar dan 60 kaki (18.2 m) panjang. 

Di kiri dan kanan lorong tersebut terdapat 2 longkang yang akan mengutip bola yang melencong ke luar. 20 kaki (6m) kehadapan adalah ruangan untuk pemain bergerak, dan baki 40 kaki (12m) lagi adalah untuk bola bergolek ke arah 10 pin yang disusun secara segi tiga di hujung lorong. Pemain akan naik ke pelantar lorong tersebut dengan bola yang beratnya di antara 6 hingga 17 paun (2.7 - 7.7 kg). Bola ini memiliki 3 lubang untuk meletakkan jari-jari pemain. Jari yang diguna ketika bermain adalah ibu jari, jari tengah dan jari manis. 

Sistem Permainan

Untuk setiap game ada 10 frames yang membolehkan pemain membuat 2 kali balingan bagi setiap satunya. Setiap pemain diberi peluang untuk menjatuhkan sebanyak-banyak pin yang boleh bagi mengumpul mata pada setiap balingan. Jika pemain dapat menjatuhkan kesemua pin pada balingan pertama ia disebut sebagai STRIKE. Namun jika pemain hanya dapat menjatuhkan sebahagian sahaja dan bakinya dijatuhkan pada balingan kedua ia disebut sebagai SPARE.

Pemain yang melakukan spare dalam frame ke-10 (final frame) akan mendapat 1 balingan bonus (balingan ke-3). 3 kali STRIKE yang dilakukan oleh pemain secara berturut-turut dalam frame ke-10 disebut sebagai TURKEY.

Cara Melempar Bola

Setiap orang memiliki “style” tersendiri ketika melempar bola ke arah pin. Apa yang jelas, sukan boling ada skillnya yang tersendiri dan tidak boleh diabaikan oleh setiap pemain. Jika pemain tersebut menggunakan tangan kanan untuk melempar bola, maka ketika melempar bola, ia hendaklah menekuk kaki kiri kehadapan dengan membongkokkan sedikit badan, serta kaki kanan dalam posisi ke belakang. Panah yang ada di atas lane sangat membantu para pemain untuk dijadikan sebagai petunjuk bagi menggelicik bola ke arah pin yang ingin dijatuhkan.

18 April, 2010



High Performance

MANUFACTURER’S INTENT: The second launch in the 5 series, the 505A, was designed to be more angular at the breakpoint. If the 715A was too aggressive on the lane patterns you bowl on, then the 505A will be a great choice. Each new ball from Track will include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. 


Upper Mid Performance

MANUFACTURER’S INTENT: This revolutionary 7 series, the 715A, was designed to open up the angle into the pocket. On today’s typical house shots, being able to creat more entry angle is the key to mastering the big scores.  Each new ball from Track will now include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. We feel this will be a great addition to help our customers maintain their performance products.


High Performance

MANUFACTURER’S INTENT: This first ball in the all-new 9 Series, the 930T, was designed to be extremely aggressive at the breakpoint.  The 930T has “Mica” embedded into the coverstock, which gives this ball extra TRACKtion at the breakpoint so you can expect a heavy roll in the backend.  Each new ball from Track will now include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. We feel this will be a great addition to help our customers maintain their performance products.



17 April 2010 – ProCC Mini Tournament Bowling (MTB) siri ke 6 telah berlangsung di Ampang Superbowl Summit USJ. Takniah kepada yang berjaya.


                                                                            Naib Juara 

                                                                            Tempat ke 3

                                                                     High siri Perempuan


Takniah diucapkan kepada yang terpilih dan berusaha lebih gigih kepada yang tak berjaya. Permilihan untuk Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Wilayah Persekutuan (MSSWP) 2010, telah dijalankan pada 29 dan 30 Mac 2010. 12 orang telah terpilih untuk kepertandingan Master (12 games). 1 April 2010 pertandingan Master bawah 15 dan 18 tahun lelaki/perempuan telah dijalankan dan 8 April 2010 acara Master untuk bawah 12 tahun lelaki/perempuan telah dijalankan, hanya 4 orang yang terpilih setiap peringkat umur untuk ke MSSM 2010 yang akan berlangsung di MIBC Melaka, pada 24 hingga 27 April 2010. Penyampian hadiah kepada perserta yang berjaya telah diadakan pada hari tersebut. Takniah sekali lagi kepada yang berjaya semuga membawa balik pingat di MSSM 2010 nanti.

12 April, 2010


Kuala Lumpur Leg – April 29 – MAY 2, 2010 · Megalanes Kuala Lumpur, Endah Parade


Apr 29 (Thursday)             4:00pm         Lane Maintenance
                               4.30pm         Check-in All Kuala Lumpur Boys & Girls Graded              Bowlers
                                      5:00pm         Kuala Lumpur Graded bowlers – 1st Block of 8 Games
Apr  30 (Friday)              7:30am         Lane Maintenance
8:00am         Check-in Boys Graded (Squad A)
                                      8:30am         Boys Graded (Squad A) - 1st Block of 8 Games 
                                      12:00pm       Lane Maintenance
                                      12:00pm       Check-in Girls Graded  
                                      12:30pm       Girls Graded - 1st Block of 8 Games
                                      4:00pm         Lane Maintenance
                                      4:00pm         Check-in Boys Graded (Squad B)
                                      4:30pm         Boys Graded (Squad B) – 1st Block of 8 Games
                                      8.00pm         Lane Maintenance
                                               8.00pm         Check-in Boys Open & Girls Open
                                                8.30pm         Boys Open & Girls Open – 1st Block of 8 Games

May 1 (Saturday)               7:30am         Lane Maintenance
8.00am         Check-in Top 28 Girls Graded
                                      8.30am         2nd Round - Top 28 Girls Graded (6 Games)  
                                      11.30am        Lane Maintenance             
                                               11.30am        Check-in Boys & Girls  Under-12
                                               12:00pm       Boys & Girls Under 12 Qualifying round (6 Games)
                                      3.00pm         Lane Maintenance
                                      3.00pm         Check-in Top 48 Boys Graded   
3:30pm         2nd Round –  Top 48 Boys Graded  (6 Games)
                                      6:30pm         Lane Maintenance
                                      6.30pm         Check-in Top 20 Boys Open & Top 16 Girls Open
                                      7:00pm         2nd Round – Top 20 Boys Open & Top 16 Girls Open (6   Games)
May 2 (Sunday)              7:30am         Lane Maintenance
8:00am         Check-in Top 12 Boys & Top 12 Girls Under 12
8:30am         Final - Boys & Girls Under 12  (6 Games)
10:30am        Medal Presentation For Under 12 Winners
                   Lane Maintenance
10:30am        Check-in Top 8 Finalists (All Divisions)
11:00am        Quarter Final – (All Divisions)
                   Semi Final – (All Divisions)
                   Final – (All Divisions)
2:00pm         Medal Presentation

*Schedule is subject to change



24 HINGGA 27 APRIL 2010

This bowling centre are the largest bowling center in Malaysia with 52 lanes. The Melaka International Bowling Centre would be the biggest bowling centre in Malaysia after Megalanes Bowling Centre in Penang which has 50 lanes.
The Melaka International Bowling Centre have two-storey centre with a 10,401-square metre area.

The bowling centre are at second floor in Melaka International Bowling Centre. This is the entrance go to into the bowling centre.

Touch screen control panel for every bowling lanes in Melaka International Bowling Centre.

While you are tired play the bowling, can go the red cushion have a sit and relax.