01 Februari, 2012

Motosikal Spyder

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited with trailer

The 2012 Spyder RT Limited is Can-Ams fully dressed tourer that comes with an optional RT-622 trailer which adds a claimed 164 gallons of storage.

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

The Can-Am RT experiences minimal body roll through turns due in part to its stability control system which activates rather abruptly if the rider isnt smooth at the controls.

Contrary to a motorcycle the Spyder RT requires the rider to pull on the desired side of the handlebar to initiate a turn.

The Can-Am Spyder RT offers considerable lateral grip in corners but the rider needs to be very smooth with the controls to avoid the stability control activating thereby upsetting the chassis.

The Can-Am is about 50  wider than a standard luxury touring motorcycle.

2011 Luxury Touring Motorcycle Shootout.

File:Customized Can-Am Spyder.jpg

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