20 Mac, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

10 features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  1. Smart Software - Samsung Galaxy S4 packed software enhancements and included Smart Scroll allows for owners to scroll through webpages simply by using eye movement while Smart Pause pauses content when owners look away. Do not be surprised if we will see this in Note 3.
  2. Better Camera - The Galaxy S4 features a 13 megapixel rear camera. Thus, this is also a feature we should expect in the Galaxy Note 3.
  3. Better Camera Software - The arrival of TouchWiz Nature UX brought a powerful Camera application that we feel is far and away better than the stock camera app that comes with Android.
  4. Larger and Improved Screen Display - On the launch, a gaming accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was also introduced. The Gamepad is a console for Samsung smartphones. The display sizing has been said to either be 5.8-inches or 6.3-inches and given the revelation of the Galaxy S4′s GamePad size compatibility
  5. Longer Battery Life - The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 featured a large 3,100 mAh battery. However, Samsung could choose to bump that up with the Galaxy Note 3, especially if the screen is larger and more powerful.
  6. Wireless Charging - Samsung finally delivered support to wireless charging with the Galaxy S4, making it compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard by way of a back plate that users will have to use in order to take advantage of charging without wires.
  7. Durable Plastic Design - Samsung has employed plastic designs with both versions of the Galaxy Note and given how it was hyping up the benefits of the plastic design - durability, removable back and the fact that it can produce devices quicker.
  8. Expandable Storage - The Galaxy S4 unsurprisingly features a microSD card slot for expanded storage which means that owners of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models can expand beyond those capacities.
  9. IR Sensor - Samsung decided to include an IR sensor on the Galaxy S4 which, among other things, allows users to transform their device into a universal remote.
  10. Latest Android Software - One thing that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 buyers can count on is having the latest Android software on board the Galaxy Note 3.

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