26 Ogos, 2009

Bowling Hook

Learning how to create a bowling hook can really enhance your bowling game. See, the direction of the bowling ball is generally determined by your aim and swing, but putting some spin on it can really up your chances for a strike. Most experienced bowlers put some side-spin on their throws purposely to improve their scoring options.

Bowling balls used to be made of plastic or hard rubber, but now they are almost always made of urethane cover stock. Bowling balls made out of urethane cover stock have a more significant reaction when spin is put on the ball. This makes hooking the ball easier. You can still find bowling balls made from plastic, but they are generally used as spare balls, which means players use them only when they are trying for a spare.

Enhancing your bowling hook will boost your bowling game, but it will never take the place of consistent play when you want to keep your scores high. The best way to get a better bowling average is by routinely playing a good game that includes perfect timing, great accuracy and good strength and balance. Getting a high score is great, but getting that same high score regularly is even better.

There are a few reasons to perfect your bowling hook, and upping the strike percentage is at the top of the list. Just throwing a straight ball and hitting the pocket every time is not enough to consistently get strikes. You must throw a straight ball and hit the pocket at precisely the right angle every time. And that is why a great bowling hook is so vital.

The key to a great hook is perfect release of the bowling ball. The ball needs to come off of your thumb first, so you can use your fingers to put spin on the ball. When you get some spin on it, the ball will rotate as it goes down the lane and hook into the pins. Your thumb should naturally come out of the ball first as you release, since it is shorter than your fingers. But it is also important to have a ball that fits your fingers properly.

The next important aspect to achieving a great hook is your approach. The hook is created during your approach and swing, so both of these techniques must be flawless. First, the arm holding your bowling ball should be at a right angle to your body, with the ball out in front of you pointing straight down the lane. Always hold the ball with your palm underneath the ball, facing up.

Your thumb should be hooked into the ball, pointing at 10 or 11 o’clock. Left-handed bowlers should point their thumb to 2 or 1 o’clock. Be sure to keep your wrist firm throughout the release. It is good to feel a little pressure on your fingers as they release the ball, because this is when the rotation is created.

Perfecting your bowling hook will take time and practice, so never get discouraged if it doesn’t come right away. As your hook skills improve, try increasing your hand action for an even more powerful rotation and even better hook!

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