06 Jun, 2011

What is HDR Phot?.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is usually a process undertaken after the photos have been captured and uploaded. What it is the combination of different images while the contrast ratios are adjusted to bring out a more vibrant image to the photo. This is really hard to do with regard to aperture and shutter speed, but with HDR, it is highly possible. With High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, you can create pictures with greater detail in shadows, sunlight, and subject. This allows you to explore your image’s tonal detail through wider sets of exposures. For this you need to tap a lot of your creativity and to experiment with HDR conversions to create realistic, surreal or emotive pictures, depending on your purpose. Use care when using these HDR tools, as overdoing editing during conversion can easily damage your image’s sense of realism. Here is a collection of some incredible HDR photographs created by Dale Allman.
Old Pier on The Yarra River
St Peter's Cathedral
Old Pier on The Yarra River
Excelsior's Wreck, Mutton Cove
Grange Sunset - HDR
Glenelg Beach
Rundle Mall Fountain
Pole's of Pt Willunga Jetty
Southern Cross Station
Morialta Waterfall, Second Falls
 Torrens Weir

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