31 Mei, 2010

Royal Family Clones

In the British Royal Family not only titles are transmitted by inheritance, but also the striking similarity of family members with their royal ancestors. Sometimes it seems that cloning was used though it is not possible. Now let’s look at the photos. Don’t they look freakishly similar to you?

Style queen: Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and her great-great-greatgreat-granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, have similar faces and locks.

Spot the difference: Mary (1867-1953), King George V's consort, and granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal we: King Edward I (1239-1307) and Prince William, his 21 times great-grandson, share the same eyes and nose.

By George! Prince Edward has inherited grandfather King George VI's (1895-1952) large ears.

Long face: George III's consort Charlotte (1744-1818), and four times great-granddaughter Lady Gabriella Windsor.

Spitting image: The nose and eyes of Edward VII (1841-1910) have been passed to great-great-grandson Charles.

Proud heritage: King George VI (1895-1952) and great-grandson William have similar eyes and lips.

High-profile: William can blame his hairline on greatgreatgreat-great-grandfather Prince Albert (1819-1861).

Regal likeness: The Queen Mother (1900-2002) and greatgranddaughter Princess Eugenie have moon-shaped faces.

No denying it: Striking family likeness between Princess Mary (1867-1953) and Harry, her great-great-grandson.

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