02 Mei, 2010

A first for KL Leg Champions

The 4 champions showing off their hard earned medal.

All 4 Champions of the KL Leg were firsts, firsts in coming out tops in their respective categories. Congratulations to Timmy Tan (KUL), Natasha Roslan (SEL), Mohd Syafiq Aiman (KEL) and Norsyamimi Syarfa (KUL). For 3 of them, it was also their first time in the Top 8 and I'm sure, as Norsyamimi, the Girls Graded Champion expressed, "I was nervous", the same was felt by the other 2.

Earlier that day, in the Under-12 categories, Perak's Tun Ameerul Al-Hakim and Selangor's Ayra Nur Jehan achieved their second circuit title when they outplayed their opponents. Both of them were over a hundred pins more than the 2nd placed bowlers.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to all champions and also to all that participated in the 4th Leg of the year. See you all in Pahang at the end of this month for the 5th Leg.

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